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Last Film of Lyndon - 13th August 2013

The band recording their 2012 album “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED”. The last ever film of LYNDON

Ali Strong trys out Lyndons Les Paul Gibson - 22nd June 2013

Lyndons Les Paul Gibson

At their first get together since the sad terminal illness of Lyndon, ALI STRONG and MAX WILSON played through some new songs Max has been writing. The consensus is that they must carry on, with a new band to be formed around ALI gradually when good enough talent comes along. Meanwhile the duo will work on new tracks together. Max thinks this sounds good because ALI, now at Bristol University reading Music, is a fast improving player on several instruments including bass, guitar and drums.

Picture shows ALI trying out Lyndons Les Paul Gibson. The duo want to recapture his old sound.

Lyndons Funeral Arrangements - 21st June 2013

Lyndon will be cremated at the Forest Crematorium following a Humanist meeting in the Chapel beforehand.  The bands first ever CD release- “Rock My World” will be given away to all who attend.  Afterwards a wake is planned at the well know Ross-on-Wye riverside pub The Hope and Anchor, which Lyndon was once the assistant manager of during the 1980`s. Max Wilson once owned a house fifty yards from it.

Ali Strong and Max Wilson will perform a voice over entertainment of some of the bands songs at the wake.

Farewell Lyndon Robbins - 4th June 2013

Lyndon with TeleBrilliant guitarist and all round musician Lyndon Robbins has died. He passed peacefully away at 6.30 a.m on Monday at Hazelhurt Nursing Home, Kerne Bridge. near Ross-on-Wye. His daughter Sarah Stokes was with him when he died. He leaves a son Gregory and his daughter Sarah and his ex-wife who visited him several times a week while he was at Hazelhurst.

Lots of friends will be sad at the news because Lyndon, with his gentle personality and polite manner, was a popular face
around Ross-on-Wye. It was only when he picked up a stringed instrument that people realised how talented he was. He has left behind a library of work in the possession of recording producer and songwriter Max Wilson which can amount to at least six full CD`s.

Lyndon was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at Worcester Royal Hospital six weeks ago. At the time Doctors were unsure how long he might live. Lyndon put up a good fight and was able to greet his constant visitors until this last weekend when he began to need pain killers. He is currently in the Chapel of Rest at Bevans Funeral Home, Ross-on-Wye.

Band member in hospital - 15th April 2013

Lyndon RobbinsLYNDON ROBBINS who is aged 65 was admitted on Sunday night to Worcester Royal Infirmary, having lost the use of both his legs and being in severe pain.

Latest report is that he is “comfortable.

Lyndon lives alone in Ross-on-Wye. He has a daughter and a son in their thirties.

Clean Up the Internet - 11th April 2013

Max the LawmanIn 1999 Max Wilson aka Maximuso complained to his newspaper The Sunday Times about the lawlessness of the internet. He’s just obtained his first PC and had a few weeks of surfing the net and was displeased at obtaining virus’s and things he couldn’t get rid of which downloaded themselves onto his computer. The newspaper got an American Silicone Valley journalist to do a write up about his complaint and Max says “they basically took the piss out of me”. These days misuse of the net,especially of the social networking websites, is a big issue. Max says “The net is still lawless as far as I’m concerned. It needs a code to protect innocent users that everyone follows”.  So he’s written one!

It must be stressed that this is only his opinion of what should be done. It is not necessarily the opinion of any of his fellow band members or the bands fans. He says “Clean up the internet. This is a consumer code for the internet. Let’s all follow it”.

Here it is. See if you agree with him. Download/View the article

Speak Liverpool? - 5th April 2013

Max with a young girl fan!Max Wilson asks “How can you tell someone comes from Liverpool? He says it`s by the expressions they use.

Here is his “foolproof” guide. He claims he should know having been in Liverpool for thirty years.

See if you agree with him.”

Do they come from Liverpool?

You can tell by the expressions   they are using:

ALL RIGHT THERE (pron “orl rite dare” ) No. Could be from anywhere, even the Wirral.

HANG ON A MO (pron  “ang oner mo”) No. Heard even in Knowsley.

HAPPY BUNNY (pron “appy bunnee”) Could be but used everywhere.

MADE UP (pron “maid upp”). Could be, but used even in Southport   so be careful.

COME AHEAD ( pron “coom `ed)  Maybe. Popular all over but the `ed is very Liverpudlian .

BEVVY  (Pron “bevee”)   Could be. This is used and consumed all over Merseyside. 

 JUDY as in “Is she your Judy?” (Pron “yer jewdee”). Yes. Sounds like you’re both Scousers.

EAT UP YOUR AT YOUR AUNTIES (Pron “yer ant-tease”). Oh yes. You’re in very cultured company here. It means make the most of it. The person could be from Childwall.

THEY DO THOUGH DON`T THEY? (Pron “ day do dough don`t dee”) Oh yes! No other place in the entire country is capable of this!

If they are using ALL these expressions they come from Bootle.

This questionnaire devised by Max Wilson,

                     a  foreigner from Bebington, not Professor Higgins. 


HEALTH WORRIES FOR LYNDON - 16th February 2013

Lyndon RobbinsMice Take The Elevator`s brilliant guitarist and founder member LYNDON ROBBINS is seeing a Consultant Physician this week about his health.

The problems appear to be related to Lyndon`s lifetime smoking habit. Lately the musician has been cutting down and using nicotine patches but he still has had some serious problems. Further news should be available later this coming week . Max Wilson, his musical partner for nearly twenty years, is very upset and concerned about him.

50th Anniversary of the The Beatles first album release - 13th February 2013

Yes, its the 50th Anniversary of the THE BEATLES FIRST ALBUM RELEASE and MAX WILSON, now leader of his own band MICE TAKE THE ELEVATOR, reminisces.

50th Anniversary reminiscesMAX writes “1963 was a memorable year for everyone caught up in the Liverpool music scene. Back in June 1962 we`d all been excited by the Beatles landing their recording contract with E.M.I. The following November their first single “Love Me Do” c/w “P.S I Love You” had been released and of course went to the top of the Liverpool chart (and eventually to number 8 in the national charts). I was one of the four hundred or so crammed into The Cavern Club`s cellar the lunchtime session DJ BOB WOOLLER had the group booked and they played both the new songs for the first time ever, with John Lennon playing harmonica and he and George Harrison playing flashy new Gibson electric-acoustic guitars. Things only got better in January 1963. Our Beatles were making their first long player record down in London . We all read about it in MERSEY BEAT, the Liverpool beat scene news sheet edited by BILL HARRY. Later on that month we all rushed to Nems record store in Whitechapel, Liverpool to get the new single “Please Please Me” c/w “Ask Me Why”. Within days we were all amazed by the news it was Number 1 in the national chart! Our BEATLES were now nationally famous. I did notice some changes immediately. You could still see the Beatles appearing all around the area but it was now two shillings and sixpence to get into the Cavern whereas a few weeks previously it had been the usual shilling.(5 newpence). And our Beatles were wearing a matching uniform on stage, grey collarless suits with black Chelsea boots.JOHN LENNON kept taking his jacket off after a couple of rocking numbers, it was too hot to wear!

Then the album was released.I think it was March 1963.It was fifteen bob to buy and everyone you knew had one within the week. You went round to your mates house and your girlfriends and they were playing it non stop. It was played all night at every party
along with both sides of their two singles. My copy, fifty years later looks a bit worn and plays a bit scratchily these days but it is still a great collection of tracks with two numbers on it that we had got used to before the album`s release from The Beatles live set, “Twist And Shout” and “I Saw Her Standing There” ,which opens side one.

We were to have The Beatles playing regularly in Liverpool only for the rest of 1963. Increasingly after the albums release they played out of town .They were now big time!

Ah yes, I remember it well !”

He is getting his hand in again! - 13th February 2013

Max Wilson is recovering from his second carpal tunnel operation undertaken at the Orthopaedics Dept at Hereford County Hospital on Friday 8th.

The nurses and Surgical staff were all vey friendly and efficient and Max was soon on his way home with his arm in a sling. A few days later you can see it’s healing well and with a bit of luck Max hopes to back playing KB’s and Guitar next week.  He’s got loads of song ideas he says.

Max's Right Hand

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