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MAX WILSON LENT A HAND - 27th June 2012

Band leader MAX WILSON had surgery upon his left hand on 14th May and still is unable to play rocking GUITAR or do more than play chords on the keyboards with his other hand. Such frustration is likely to continue for the ever young veteran singer-songwriter during this summer since he expects his left hand to be operated upon in August. The problem has been a sort of creeping paralysis of the hands due to “carpal tunnel syndrome” which is caused by compression of the main nerve in the wrist and hand. This can be caused by repetitive strain injuries picked up by activities such as typing, using a PC mouse, playing the guitar and playing the piano keyboards. If you are experiencing pronounced “pins and needles” in your hands or if your hand is going numb you should go and see your GP since the problem can get worse.

MAX had been told he had a severe case which needed surgery to correct. MAX just about found time to compose the bands new album which has been being recorded recently. He managed to finish the last song with his right hand only. The other band members
have therefore been lending him a hand almost literally!

New band member Ali Strong says he is very pleased with the new songs, one of which, “Strong Will” was written about him and his determination to do well with the band.

Max says the only similar problem he has experienced was “Mersey Tunnel syndrome” caused by traffic jams on the way to Liverpool to watch Everton at Goodison Park.

Ali off to Uni in September - 27th June 2012

Ali off to Uni in September


Alistair Strong,  MICE TAKE THE ELEVATOR’S 18 year old percussionist has been accepted by Birmingham Musical University to study Guitar and Percussion commencing this September.

Amongst his accomplishments to support his acceptance, Ali cited his membership of the band and invited his assessors to visit the bands website which apparently they did!  Ali’s new tracks must have rocked them!

Ali is planning to stay around although he’ll be up on Brum every day during the working week.

Ali wearing some of the Crown Jewels! - 17th March 2012

Ali wearing some of the Crown Jewels!

Lyndon lets it rip in the studio - 23rd February 2012

Our Lyndon tells us he been playing more in the studio than at home lately. There’s five new MTTE songs being produced at the moment, ,maybe that’s why. Here is our lad winding up one of his solo`s. He`s playing a Les Paul Gibson through his favourite Zoom effects box into the Allen and Heath mixing desk.

MTTE ON BBC RADIO 2 - 3rd February 2012

Janice Long Radio2Last week listeners to late night presenter, JANICE LONG, would have heard all about Mice Take The Elevator. Janice, for many years a well known supporter of new bands, was discussing unusual band names. Listening in to her was LYNDON ROBBINS, who immediately texted her  “MTTE” and Janice responded by reading out his message on the air and commenting on the bands “what did you say, Mice what ?” name!

Lyndon has followed up by proposing to send Janice the bands current portfolio of albums, so listen out for plays upon Janice’s programme, which is immediately after midnight on week nights on Radio 2.

Mice Take The Elevator this week are re-releasing a country style album - 19th January 2012

Close To The Wind

This is not because they plan to go country style (although lots of Rock and R&B music shares the same roots as country music) but because lots of friends of the band have enquired about an album Max and Lyndon made in 1998 named “CLOSE TO THE WIND”.  This was intended to be “new country” or “alternative country” and contains lots of excellent songs from the duo and some beautiful guitar playing and singing by the guys. So the album will appear on this website very shortly with the intention of illustrating the wide scope of these artistes and giving people an opportunity to enjoy the songs once more.

Thank You MARK URSELLI - 19th January 2012

Mark Urselli

Mice Take The Elevator were recently generously offered assistance with their recordings by three times Grammy Winner, New York based MARK URSELLI. Mark replied to Max online after Max had approached him to comment upon the bands recording skills. Mark kindly offered to produce the band next tracks if they could get to New York and afford the famous East Side Studios where he works. Sadly the band could not afford this but were incredibly pleased that Mark appeared to think them worthy of his time.
“We felt  a real boost to our confidence that someone like Mark, who has produced so many famous artists, such as Sting, Mick Hucknall, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, should think us worthy of his time” says Max ; “Whenever we have the dosh we plan to go back to him and say okay Sir, lets rock together”.

Mark and Max have a slightly usual link, they are both of Swiss parentage. Mark Urselli was born in Switzerland ; Max’s grandfather was Swiss from Berne and Max’ss father had to chang his surname from Gutersohn to Wilson during the 1939-45 War because he was in the British Army fighting the Nazi’s.

Ali Joins Up - 19th January 2012

18 year old Ali Strong from Belmont , Hereford has joined Mice Take The Elevator as their new drummer. Ali is expected to work with the band upon their next album, now being written and recorded in their studios near Ross-on-Wye, until next September when he hopes to gain a place at a Birmingham University to read Music.

Ali`s reaction to the veteran bluesy rockers seems to be positive. He say he likes the music and Max Wilson`s composing and is impressed by Lyndon Robbin`s playing skills. Which he should be! Lyndon is a fantastic player as listeners on this website and purchasers of the bands mp3 tracks already know!

Max and Lyndon are pleased with Ali. “We`ve had some good drummers through here. But I think Ali is going to be the best yet” says Lyndon.

Our pictures show Ali, he`s the hansome one, working with Lyndon on a new song named “Lovin` Every Time”.

DAD ROCK! - 13th October 2011

MTTE About to phone!

Lyndon and Max are mystified why people might call them exponents of  “Dad Rock”. Max says “Yeah, our music is made to-day. But it does harken back to the sixties and seventies because that is the sort of Rock and R&B we have always liked. It had big tunes and the back beats were fantastic.

Lyndon and Max are Dad’s though, with three boys and a girl between them and Lyndon is a Grandad with two grandchildren.

Max and Lyndon are sad at the death of Jerry Lieber - 3rd September 2011

Jerry LieberJerry Lieber, one half of Lieber and Stoller, the amazing 1950`s and 1960`s hit song writing team, died at the end of August this year.
Very few folk, even millenium teens have not heard their songs on TV nd Radio. Elvis Presleys early hit “Hound Dog” was written by them and lots of R&B hits such as “Poison Ivy” , “Kansas City”, “Love Potion No 9”.

Max says he’d recommend anyone who loves this music to go out and buy a greatest hits album by THE COASTERS, because Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller wrote all their wonderful records, “Searchin”, Yaketty Yak”, “Charlie Brown”, “Little Egypt” etc etc and they could enjoy some of the best work of this famous team plus the wonderful Coasters group. Try HMV records .

Lyndon says ” I often see in Max’s own songwriting influences by composers like Jerry Lieber. It`s natural when you grew up with their work all around you”

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